The Sompting Estate
The Sompting Estate has been a huge supporter of our Educational Work through both the SUssex WIldlife Trust and Backcountrycraft. There is always something going on in this stunning area of the National Park and we spend a huge amount of time walking, running and cycling round its paths as well as working there.


In 2011 we began work with EtudEO Home Education, and have been having the most amazing time in our weekly Forest Schools / Environmental Education sessions. The kids are really switched on and tuned in to the woods, and our programme of green wood work, fire, tracking, water procurement, shelter, plant identification and general environmental education is going well. EtudEO have a new web site coming soon, but for now here is the link to their current one:

Woodcraft Folk - The Bushcraft Way

Here is a link to "The Bushcraft Way". Developed by the Woodcraft Folk, an organisation for children and young people, with which we have both been involved for many years.

We are proud of our integral role in developing this huge resource of lesson plans for educating children in Bushcraft skills, and living outdoors in tune with nature, once again taking our place as part of the world, rather than setting ourselves against it. More lessons plans to follow.

Sussex Wildlife Trust
We have worked for and with the Sussex Wildlife Trust for many years. As our local wildlife charity we suggest you all get on board and join them to support the ever larger p=battle to protect our wild areas.