About Us

Mark and Nicky Hedgecock have spent much of their lives outdoors since meeting as climbing partners many years ago. Their love of the outdoors has lead them from tiny fingerholds on sea cliffs, to mountains and forests on foot, to the rivers and sea in kayaks.

Nicky's Bit
With a carpenter father, a childhood spent outdoors and a background in horticulture, the move to natural craft and outdoor education was an easy one for Nicky. In recent years she has travelled the world in the name of work: Peru, Nepal, Morrocco, Borneo, North America and all over the UK. Despite that, if you ask what she wants to do next the answer is always the same - go off to the woods with some nice people and make something!

Mark's Bit
All the holidays Mark had as a child were walking - from Scotland to The Lakes, from Wales to the Cornish coast and
hills. Winter weekends were spent walking in Sussex Woodlands and on deserted beaches. He was sufficinetly inspired to study geography and spend all his spare time climbing, running, walking, cycling and sometimes just standing in the UK's wonderful landscape. If you ask him what he wants to do next he always wants to go for a walk with nice people and learn new plants to eat on the way.

Both Mark and Nicky have qualifications in teaching bushcraft, forest school leadership and mountain leadership, and love sharing their outdoor skills. They are also qualified in Wilderness First Aid and RLSS Life Saving, and are both DBS checked.